What if you could CTRL your money?
We are busy building CTRL, the next-generation app making personal finance accessible to everyone.
Available Summer 2021

We are on a mission to make personal finance accessible to everyone

See all of your accounts, incomes, bills, subscriptions, projects, payments... in one place
A 360-degree, no-fuss view of your money
Powered by three Machine Learning engines
Open Banking access: your accounts are view-only
So easy to use, our kids figured it out
The app is free for those who need it, but can't afford it
Your data belongs to you. We do not share or sell data
How It Works
1. Collect
We use Open Banking to securely connect to your banks, and get all of the accounts and transactions information
2. Crunch
Our Machine Learning and logic engines crunch the numbers and do all of the heavy computing for you.
You see the results in our simple, easy-to-use app. More importantly, you can see the impact of any financial decision you make
Be in CTRL, make better decisions
CTRL shows you the right information at the right time
See the past
See where your money came from, where it went, unearth trends and patterns
Explore the future
CTRL shows you all future transactions, whether Income, Bills, Expenses, Projects or Savings
Make decisions
See the immediate impact of your decisions on your cash flows. Try, test, and find the right path for you
Make it yours
You can customise CTRL to better suit your needs. Add or change tags, remove modules or add functionalities

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Let's have a chat
Feel free to write or call us if you have any thoughts, comments, or criticism. We love a good chat.
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